Scenic Texas Event Venue

A Texas Hill Country Restaurant With A View

Although Mother Nature certainly blessed the entire Lone Star State with an abundance of natural beauty, you can't beat the view from a Texas Hill Country restaurant for fabulous scenery. Trattoria Lisina provides an off-the-beaten-track environment with a perfect balance of rustic elegance, world-class cuisine, and a wine list rivaling that of any of Tuscany's finest establishments all mixed up with a traditional Texas twist.

One of the Most Scenic Restaurants in the Country

OpenTable honored Trattoria Lisina in 2018 by naming it one of the 100 most scenic restaurants in the country. The magic starts before you even arrive at the restaurant — you'll wind through Texas Hill County on your way and enjoy views of wild waterways, wildflower-spangled meadows, unique rock formations, and vineyards under trademark clear blue skies. It doesn't take much to imagine that you're really in the Tuscan countryside. The restaurant is located on the grounds of the Mandola Estate & Vineyard in Driftwood, Texas. When you reach the property, you'll be greeted by a gracious tree-lined drive that leads to a sun-washed old-school trattoria that looks as if it stepped out of a watercolor painting of a villa in Old Italia.

It only gets better when you step inside. The dining room and veranda offer astounding views of exquisitely landscaped grounds, vineyards, nature, and the big blue Texas sky.

Spring Isn't the Only Season in Texas Hill Country

Those who miss the spring wildflower show are easily consoled by dining to the glow of vibrant summer sunsets over the nearby rolling hills. The abundance of deciduous hardwoods such as maples, sumac, cottonwood, aspen, and cypress growing in Texas Hill Country means serious seasonal foliage displays in fall. Winters are green and mild, the bare vineyards have an austere beauty, and guests won't have to navigate the heavy spring and summer crowds characteristic of Texas Hill Country travel.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to see for yourself why Trattoria Lisina is the ultimate scenic restaurant.