Unwind with an Italian Coffee with Dessert

People who know how to love life know how to ask for the dessert menu. The art of celebrating life the Italian way is all about taking the time to feed your senses and appreciate your surroundings. That's why there's nothing better than lingering just a little bit longer following a delicious Italian meal at Trattoria Lisina to enjoy an Italian coffee with dessert! We offer high-end, delicious coffee drinks that are expertly prepared by our talented staff.

Italian Coffee Drinks

When was the last time you sat down to savor a traditional Italian drink? Trattoria Lisina is proud to offer a coffee menu that pleases all types of coffee lovers. A large meal can be topped off with a rich caffè macchiato. This hot drink features a shot of espresso that is delicately "stained" with foamed milk. We also offer a delicious cappuccino that features a shot of espresso with steamed milk that is rich and frothy. You can also have some fun dipping your spoon into one of our caffè lattes made using a combination espresso and hot milk. Of course, you can always simply order one of our famous espressos made with our house blend. We also offer a house coffee that serves as the perfect end to any meal!

Italian Desserts

Our dessert assortment is perfect whether you're ordering alone or sharing with a group. Our constantly evolving menu features desserts from regions throughout Italy. From tiramisu to Sicilian-style “drop” donuts, the dessert menu at Trattoria Lisina also features many special items that will hit the spot if you're looking for a cool treat. We feature an assortment of Italian-style gelato flavors and sorbetto flavors. You can take a look inside our dipping cabinet or simply ask your server about the flavors that are available.

Enjoy Authentic Italian Coffees and Desserts in Driftwood, Texas

Who says the fun has to end just because dinner is over? Trattoria Lisina offers the true Italian dessert experience right here in Driftwood, Texas. Come and enjoy some Italian coffees and desserts at our fine Driftwood restaurant this weekend!